Korea, Japan hold workingPosco wins W300b EV parts deal with US carmaker[Herald Review] Musical 'Yujin and Yujin' captivates Taiwanese audienceMcKinsey names 2 new partners at Seoul officeSolbi talks about dealing with malicious online comments in documentaryKorean defense firms head to Egypt defense expo to expand market presenceDrunk driver who killed father of two gets 10 yearsKorean defense firms head to Egypt defense expo to expand market presenceScalpers take bigger cut of Korean music industryLotte renews online grocery sales race with new mega facility NCSoft to tear loose from Lineage: CEO Baekyangsa's Buddhist cuisine templestay teaches what it means to eat beyond taste IMF raises South Korea's inflation forecast to 3.6% for 2023 [New in Korean] Kim Hye Enigmatic artist David Rappeneau's first Asia show taking place at Gladstone Gallery [Korea Beyond Korea] In Sao Paulo, horizons expand for Korean studies Fire breaks out at SK On's plant during pilot run in China 인요한 “한동훈, 신선하고 합리적…총선 역할 결정된다면 좋은 일” OpenAI CEO's ouster was over "breakdown of communications," not "malfeasance" 이낙연 "전우 시체 위에서 응원가 못 부른다"…총선 유세 거절? US renews concerns over N. Korea Exports gain 2.2% from Nov. 1 Unique indoor dating spots to warm your winter days Prospects of Yoon's formal meeting with Xi uncertain: Yoon's office 60조 역대급 세수 펑크에도…여야, 국회 운영비 364억 증액 합의 국힘 누비는 김한길과 그의 사람들..."결 다른데" 친윤은 불편 N. Korea notifies Japan of plan to launch satellite between Wednesday and Dec. 1: report 민주당 이상민 의원, 내주 與 혁신위와 대담…거취 정할지 주목 [Today’s K Yoon says China would not benefit from trilateral cooperation with Russia, N. Korea